Even On A Cloudy Day The Sun Is Shinning

Good Afternoon Ninos Y Ninas,

A year ago today, one of my best friends left the physical world at the age of 31. Thunder was a gift from the Divine which I had asked Heavenly Father for after accepting a mission which I wasn’t sure I could comply with.  Thunder, a 13.5 hands Paso Fino was an amazing horse and everyone else called him a pony, not me because he saved me from falling down a raven, he was the first in the ocean water, first to lead up a mountain and the first to lead out in the snow.  Thunder was stolen from me for three years and I never gave up hope and sure enough he was returned to me via a human angel.

As the years passed I knew the inevitable would be happening and when his health started failing I would immediately perform healing.  Just so you know horses don’t last this long, usually it’s 14 years to 21 years, human time.  One morning, my heart was quite heavy as I crossed the yard to the barn and I asked my Father to please be merciful for both our sakes.  So, when the call game through I was traveling home from Utah in a crowed airport.  I arrived home and my boy had been put to sleep and taken away.  I am so grateful for such a friend and so grateful that I didn’t see him on his last days because I will always remember him Perfect.  When I step into the barn, I smell him and he visits me in my dreams. Thunder was treasured and so Loved, Thank You Father!!

Much Love & Blessings to All!!!




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