I am so Grateful for All the Angels

The Divine in Me Salutes the Divine in You!

In this post I would like to share a Divine experience with you and I’ve had many through out my life.  My two nieces and their dads were visiting for a few days and my two boys and a girlfriend decided to go roller skating.  My nieces and my youngest son were under age and of course had a curfew of midnight.  The evening was winding down and I went to take a shower, as I got under the water I clearly heard “The kids, accident” I froze and at that premise moment my brother in-law is knocking heavily on the bedroom door and screaming to my husband the kids have been in an accident.  I proceeded to dress and bolt out.  When I arrived at the scene the children were on the side-walk and my eldest of course was very apologetic and told me he was trying to make curfew. The ambulance was not even there yet and I asked, “how did you guys get out of the totaled car” and he said, “some guy pulled us out”.  I looked around to thank him and asked “where is he and what does he look like”,  my son looked as well and said, “I don’t see him and I don’t even know what he looks like”.  Later on we asked the kids about this person and not one of them could tell us anything about him.  Our unanimous conclusion was that it was an Angel.  Angels are sent by God to assist us in our life’s purpose and I highly recommend that we utilize them.  I am so grateful for that Angel and all the Angels!!!

Much Love & Blessings,  Diana



2 thoughts on “I am so Grateful for All the Angels

  1. Sylvia

    Wow!..I so believe that…it was amazing that u felt it just when it happened..u knew all along ..It had to be an angel…& we just need to be aware…& sharing these stories is inspiring….In fact ..I have one of my own….
    When my youngest son graduated from NYU he & his buddies were moving to Brooklyn…He rented a truck & they were not used to driving & I was afraid they would wind up in a terrible neighborhood… They had no clue where they were going ..driving a truck in NY for the first time ..u can imagine how I felt so helpless being 7 hrs away…Meantime I was envisioning the light of God’s love surrounding the vehicle & praying intensely for God to send guardian angels around the car & take them directly to their location…
    Well, he called me later telling me they got lost…but said ” you’ll never believe what happened”…they had stopped and a man who was crossing the street , they asked for directions & the man went back to his car. He then drove right up to them & he said “follow me
    , I will take u there”….When they got to the apt building, people came out of the buildings to move their car so they could park the truck…Amazing!,,They were stunned…I knew without a doubt ,it was one of those angels that I asked God to send…Keep believing !!!


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