Always in Gratitude, Always in Love

Happy New Year Blessed Ones

2015 was absolutely the most pivotal year for me, why? Because I discovered who I really am and all the marvelous facets that pertain to that discovery. I learned how truly Divine I am and how truly Divine you All are. That my Father has given me an amazing gift that was always available to me but I needed to Desire it, work it and show up for it. In order to fully embrace this gift I needed to forgive myself, all those who caused me pain as well as to ask for forgiveness. I learned how to truly decipher what comes from the EGO and walk away from it, for myself and from others. I am Worthy and Enough, Limitless and Free to Truly Love as never before, as intended by the Creator. I have learned the function of the Universe and how it relates to me. That it works in accordance to my desires, my focus upon those desires and that it truly is Wise and Loving. The Universe works for us. I have discovered my Life Purpose. I have learned that I am never ever alone, not only is the Spirit of Christ with me 24 seven but the Angels are at my disposal as well. So extremely Grateful every day for all of my Blessings and those of my loved ones. So Grateful for all the Spiritual teachers and their willingness to share their knowledge.

2016 will be an amazing year, step up and claim your gift. Heres to Love for it Will Conquer All! My Blessings to all of You in and around the world for a Divine 2016.  Diana


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