I Am Free and Loving It

Good Evening World, Namaste:

 Yes, it has been a while but I’m back with much to share. I have been studying, learning, teaching, practicing, praying, connecting and Loving IT!

So lets start with studying; who we are, what we are made of on a molecular level, where we came from and definitely our purpose here.

Learning more about astrology, about our government, our planet, my culture, your culture and our world. Teaching Reiki and  A Course in Miracles and everything else I’m learning. I am practicing Reiki, the law of attraction, keeping an open heart, allowing, breath work and being in the NOW. Prayers from a wonderful prayer book   gifted to me by a treasured soul-sister called Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames. Connecting with my beautiful and amazing brothers and sisters on a soulful level. Loving It ALL and I’ll be back real soon to share in details. Till then know that YOU, WE can change the World.

Divine Blessings Always, Diana


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