My reiki session with Diana was truly an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Before the session commenced she gave me a detailed explanation of what to expect, prioritizing my comfort, and gave me the option to ask any questions I may have had. The session itself was deeply relaxing while being simultaneously extremely energizing. Despite my eyes being closed the whole time, Diana’s subtle presence was very calming, comforting, and deeply felt. After the session concluded Diana gave me powerful guidance and advice for how to best align with myself and by extension my higher purpose. I left the session feeling a profound and deep sense of inner peace and tranquillity. All of my self limiting doubts, beliefs, and insecurities were cut away with surgical precision leaving nothing but joy, confidence, and self assuredness. Issues that I’d been struggling with no longer seemed insurmountable and all consuming of my attention. I feel that now I can simply go with the flow, live in the now, and move toward my purpose with vigor and conviction. Diana is an amazing reiki practitioner and spiritual healer, and a price can not be placed on how deeply significant and potentially life changing this reiki session was for me. I highly recommend that anyone considering reiki for the first time, or even those who have had numerous sessions seek out Diana! – Andrew Becerra

I had the pleasure to have met Diana nearly four years ago… and every time I see her, it’s like entering into a temple of peace! Through her beautiful healing work, she has guided me through my transformation and growth. Diana grounds you, brings you back to perspective, and all the while enlightening you. Her healing sessions are true light working at its best…..magically really. – Zasha Ochoa

Having Diana in my life has helped me in so many ways! Not only does she help guide me to remember who I really am as a child of God, she also has the beautiful gift of truly listening, investing her energy, time, and emotion into the situations of others. Because of this, I know that she fully understands where emotions come from and how to go about balancing them. Through inspirational conversations and by being a living testament of what she shares, she has helped me realize so much truth in Love and Oneness. I feel so very blessed to have her in my life and find that because of that, I have found a new love and appreciation for myself and others. Thank you, Diana! – Martha Machado

Diana, you are by far one of the most humble & charismatic people I have met in my life. Back in Sept of 2019, when we first met, I was drawn to your energy. I could not figure out why, until you said “I am a Reiki Master and Teacher.” You were the person I had been searching for to continue exploring & learning about my spiritual journey. Your energy is illuminating, your guidance and messages are always on point, and your whole essence shines pure love, light, and peace. I am grateful to have you in my journey! Your Reiki Level 1 class was life-changing, and I am excited to move forward to Level 2 and Master Level. Most recently, I received a Reiki session from you which was truly special and transformative. I walked out feeling free and ready to continue my purpose in life – to be a stand for people in living their authentic lives full of love, empowerment, and a sense of belonging. Thank you for who you are and the love and gifts you unconditionally give! – Jen Lopez

Diana, I really appreciated yesterday. You are amazing, and your gifts! – April Roberts

Diana is such a gifted woman, with talent and an energy that is impossible to match. Not only do I know Diana personally as a family member and friend, but have also been lucky to know her as a professional as well. I have received Reiki healing from Diana and I must say that our sessions have been truly transformative. I became aware of hidden hurts and obstacles that were standing in my way. I also, with her help, have various times become aware of the ways in which I have stood in my own way and prevented myself from moving forward in my life. With her assistance, I have become a more aware and conscious woman, and have made essential decisions in my life, both personally and professionally. I have also gained a true friend. I really don’t know what I do without her. I would recommend her Reiki healing and/or her life coaching services to any and everyone. Thank you, Diana, for all that you do! – Kristina Smeriglio




13 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. John Valentine

    Diana, I must say THANK YOU!!!!! for one of the best experiences I ever had. It was the first time I had ever had a Reiki session. I must say it was more than I had thought it was going to be. Not only did the pain I had go away, but the feeling of calmness I felt and more peaceful the session. She allowed me to see an aspect of me that I never thought existed. Diana has a warm and welcoming glow about her. I would recommend for ANYONE and EVERYONE to try Reiki, especially with Diana. You will never regret it. It is an experience of a lifetime.”


  2. Richard castro

    Hi Diana, it’s me Richard from scaredrocks. Here’s the name of that book I told you about. Sorry it took me so long. Amy z Rowland Reiki for The heart and Soul.


  3. Grisel Hernandez

    I am certain that after today’s class it was not a coincidence that we’d cross paths. I felt very comfortable during our Reiki class. You were so honest, transparent and genuine. I absolutely appreciated your shared experience and wisdom. And overall your humble soul uplifted my spirit. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you and can’t wait for my 2nd class.


    1. Gigi, It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and being of service. Thank you for listening to your guides and entrusting me to deliver the information. There are no coincidences, it’s all part of our manifestation abilities. Divine Blessings and see you soon.


  4. Karlany Greenup

    I’m so thankful and blessed to have met you Diana. The Reiki sessions that you gave me were so incredible that it led me to take the classes and thanks to your wonderful teaching I’m a reiki master. You took your time and were so patient with me through all my levels of reiki. You’re the best. I love you Diana. Thank you.


    1. My Dearest Karlany, Thank you! Thank you for trusting and allowing me in your space, I am so grateful and honored to share the wisdom provided to me by the higher Masters. Reiki has certainly allowed Divine Space for Amazing Love to be Shared. We are so Blessed to have this time together. Divine Blessings, Always!!


  5. Maria Rodriguez- Ellenburg

    Diana is a gift! No matter where you are in life, she is blessed with the gift to guide, to heal and to empower! I have had amazing experiences in Diana’s Reiki sessions and definitely recommend! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  6. Teresa P

    Finding Diana while on a solo adventure to FL was nothing short of divine timing and guidance. I had been processing grief for over a year, and although I feel very connected to my spiritual guides and path, I was not ready to successfully move forward from the pain I was holding on to. Diana helped me connect to a spiritual space: angels and my guides, and was able to communicate a perfect message for me to understand that brought the peace and clarity I needed to move forward and let go. I know with certainty that she was a vessel for a message that I needed. I feel with the help of Diana I was able to leave an old part of myself behind, and step onto my new path with 100% faith. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you to my higher self for finding you. Much love – Teresa


    1. My Dearest Teresa, I am always amazed and extremely grateful for the opportunity to yes be the vessel of the message. Know that this took place because one you were ready and two you were willing. Thank you for taking the time and know that I will always be here should you need me. Divine Blessings to you Always of Love & Light, Diana


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