Professional Life Coach

A life coach helps to identify the skills and capabilities within a person, and enables them to use those skills to the best of their ability.

A life coach uses inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help clients identify personal and/or professional goals, and develop action plans to achieve them. A coach uses a range of communication skills, such as targeted restatements, active listening, questioning and clarifying, to help clients shift their perspectives and thereby discover a variety of solutions and approaches that can be used to achieve those goals.

Life coaching is a “meta-profession,” it can apply to supporting clients in any aspect of human life ranging from concerns in the social, professional and recreational, to the political, family and spiritual dimensions. However, while the coach may assist the client, they never lead or act for them. Ultimately, the power to act and change lies within the client.

Professional coaching neither is nor is a substitute for medical, psychiatric or therapeutic counseling and treatment. The client is fully and solely responsible for all decisions, actions and/or inactions resulting from or relating to the coaching experience.


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