Reiki Energy Healing:

$35/30 Minutes

$60/1 hour

◊  •   ◊   •  ◊

Akashic Record Reading:

$100/30 Minutes (usually between 4 and 8 questions)

$180/60 Minutes (usually between 6 and 12 questions)

$250/90 Minutes (usually between 10 and 20 questions)

◊  •   ◊   •  ◊

Coaching Sessions:

$250/60 Minutes (Packages available upon request)

◊  •   ◊   •  ◊

Package Sessions: $1,000.00

For Optimum Results, I Recommend:

(1) 30 Minute Akashic Reading,

(1) 30 Minute Reiki Healing, &

(5) 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

A ten minute energetic heart-opening meditation prior to sessions. While in session I will incorporate Antahkarana Symbols and Crystals.

◊  •   ◊   •  ◊

All payments must be received at least 48 hours in advance to secure your appointment. Enhancing Lives 413 does not offer refunds, but will issue credit for a cancellation only if it is submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.

Payments are to be made through Paypal. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

It is strongly advised that you avoid using alcohol or any mind-altering drugs twenty-four hours prior to your consultation.

All information conveyed during your consultation will be kept strictly confidential.



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