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Reiki Level I: In this class, you will learn the practice of Usui Reiki, what your sacred space is, and how to prepare yourself and your space for a session. How breath work assists in preparedness of your energetic body and how to set your intentions prior to a session. The benefits of using crystals and the healing Sankrit symbols, Anthakaranas. The practice of hands-on sessions for self and others. You will receive your first attunement and certification.  

  • 4-hour Class
  • $175                  

Reiki Level II: In Reiki I, you learned how to use your hands, now you will learn to use your mind. This class consists of learning three sacred symbols and how to utilize them to enhance your practice. You will also learn how to remove karmic ancestral energies, as well as muscle testing and the use of a pendulum. Practice of hands-on sessions will be performed. Receive attunement and certification. 

  • 4-hour Class
  • $175                     

*Pre-requisite: Completion of Reiki Level I

Reiki Master Class: In this class, you will learn two sacred symbols, how to utilize them and enhance the sessions. What are solfeggio frequencies and how they benefit a session. Practice of hands-on sessions with others. Prepare for teaching the 3 levels of Reiki, including how to perform an attunement. Receive your Masters attunement and certification.

  • 4-hour Class
  • $275

*Pre-requisite: Completion of Reiki Levels I & II

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