The Universe will Respond to my Request

Hello Everyone,

For a while I’ve been going back and forth with the desire to get myself back to the gym, being seriously mindful of what I ate and showing up lovingly for myself.  I have always enjoyed working out because my body and mind respond immediately and I truly enjoy it.  It took some work but I had enough of the excuses.   So, I signed up went a couple of times and fell a sleep at the wheel for a couple of weeks, part of the problem was that I didn’t have a buddy to do this with.  I get my tail in gear and the first day back the Universe presents me with a new friend which I met in the gym, it was her first day there.  In just the first couple of days while getting to know each other we realize that our meeting was not a coincidence because of our common interest.  I am so grateful and very excited for my new friend.

Blessings Always To All !!!