Who Are You


YOU, are the son or the daughter of the most highest, The Almighty! YOU are sister or brother to Jesus Christ, You share the I Am. You are made of Star Stuff, so why are you playing small, why are you living a shallow life? Oh Yes, the ego is definitely showing up right about now, do you hear it telling you how arrogant you are to even consider this or what the heck is this woman talking about. Well, take your power and tell it to park its carcass and I’m being nice

Are you aware that everything that has transpired in your life, you have created. You’ve chosen your parents, you’ve chosen this time, this life. You’ve made right choices and not so right ones, who hasn’t?  Have you been in a happy place and then BOOM, you sabotage yourself? Well consider this, how many decisions were made by your ego and you weren’t even aware of it? Would you make those decisions exactly the same way again?  At what cost? Therefore, YOU can create the rest of your perfect life. Ask yourself, what kind of life do I desire, set the intention and propel yourself forward from that Space. Ask for Divine assistance.

This post was inspired by this mornings Oprah’s meditation, which I obtained at her Life You Want Tour which I am very grateful for.

Affirmation: I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.



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