Light Verses Dark

Good Morning My Brothers & Sisters,

Oh yes, the dark side does exist and it’s very powerful but the choice remains with you. In the past I’ve had a few experiences with the dark side and I belief that because I believed in God and asked for Divine assistance the experiences were diffused into Light. You can diffuse any situation by bringing in the Light, by calling in the Holy Spirit, your Guides, our Angels. I am so grateful to finally know that these Divine Beings are always by our side, sent by our Father and supported by our Christ.

Whenever a situation arrises that seems to compromise me and I refuse to give it any negative energy, I call upon the Divine. The EGO is there circling and trying to kick my ass but I don’t give in and I wait, knowing the assistance will arrive. Then, I breath easy and thank them over and over again. OMG, this new way of living is the Ultimate.

From A Course In Miracles: I am the light of the world. That is my only function. That is why I am here.

Try It, You Will Love It, Blessings, Diana


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