I Will Honor Myself And Others

The Dove Of Peace Is With You!!!

The other day two people I know made me aware that there was a situation happening between them and I recalled my experiences of when I acted and responded in the same manner.  The intentions were good but it wasn’t going according to plan and the gentleman was in a place he was trying to avoid.  He knew from the get go that this was not what he wanted to deal with but decided to go against his instinctional warnings to please others.  Well, that back fired and he lashed out to an innocent victim, his partner. Three things came up; ONE listen to your instincts, that is where Source lives and it will never fail you. Two, it’s ok to say NO.  Three, every time you lash out at someone, especially someone you love very much, you dishonor them and yourself.  This kind of action rips at the fibers of your beings simultaneously and creates a wall between you.  Hence breaking down the relationship. His EGO, stepped in, took the raines and hung him out to dry and he wasn’t even aware of it until someone else pointed it out.  We need to  take the time to acknowledge how we are feeling and from that space make a conscious decision, we are setting our selves up for major disappointment otherwise.

My recommendation, Stop, Breath, Ask for Divine Help, Let Go and The Universe Will Respond.

Blessings To You!!!  Diana


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