I Will Trust The Divine

Hello Amazing Ones

I follow Jennifer McLean from Healing With The Masters and in January she had Astrologer Elizabeth Jones  as a quest and at that time she gave us an astrological overview for the first six months.  In the beginning of July she had her on again and I am happy to share with you a quick synopsis of her overview for the next six months.  I belief that we are all experiencing transformational changes of deep levels and I for one am ready for my rainbow and I am sure that you are too.

Elizabeth graced us with: Saturn will be moving in Sagittarius on September 17th till 2017.  The concept, Simplicity, Honesty, Release, Forgiveness, Embrace and Karma.  This planetary movement will make it easier to be honest with ourselves.  It will assist us in realizing what is essential therefore spending less time on menial stuff.  What inspires us will be infront and all around us.  We are to look and reach for what inspires and gives us a sense of peace.  We can count on truth and the obvious in making our choices.  Things will be clear, things will be flexible.

Universal Blessings To All,   Diana



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