My Open Heart Will Always Recognize Love

Happy Monday Blessed Ones,

All the astrologers talked about the planet Venus and the impact it would have on our lives.  Well, I like to share how Love showed up for our family this weekend.  For my mom and my siblings they went off to what they thought would be a wedding and it turned out to be a small family reunion.   The details of who’s who is a tad complicated but I like to keep things simple so I’ll spare you.  There were 4 generations reunited at this wedding and the love shared and exchanged was at a total vibrational high and it still is.

For me and my intimate family we went to our first grandson’s baby shower.  We hadn’t seen the family members and dear friends in a bit but the opportunity was welcomed and displayed through the big hugs and kisses.  I LOVE IT!!  We make plans and hope for the best but we are unaware of how Divine interaction and intervention is set in motion for our benefit.  For this I can lovingly say we are All grateful for over and over again.

Thank You Father For Loving Us All !!!

I Remain In Love, Diana


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