I Seek, I Knock and My Savior Answers

Happy Sunday Dear Ones,

Prior to and during my trip to New York, I became aware of some disturbing news occurring in our world and around the world.  I normally don’t listen to the news because of all the negative information and I rather catch a piece here and there.  This time it was just in front of me and I even put in my two cents worth.  For days this hung heavily at my heart and my mind.  I even caught myself talking about some of the stuff until I realized, “what the hell are you doing here”.  I started talking to God and asking for comfort for my brothers, sisters and children.  There is no other power but the power of prayer and I do Believe.  Now, I humbly ask you to take a few minutes and pray for all those who are in a situation that they don’t need to be in.  Send Blessings to All and know that those Blessings are coming back to you. From the deepest part of my heart, I Thank You.

Blessings to you All, Diana


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