I AM That, I AM

Sunday Blessings to All:

I have shared before the importance of our verbal language and how it affects the results of our lives.  Words hold an extreme amount of energy, be it negative or positive.  Such as I am tired, I am angry, I am sick or I am content, I am well, I am in peace, you get the jest.  Whatever you speak you are sending it out into the Universe and it is interpreted as your hearts desire.  The Universe does not decipher between positive or negative.  It is designed by God to respond to whatever we ASK FOR.

The words I AM are the most powerful words, these words are magic and they broadcast the most magnetic power to the Universe.  The words I Am is the name of God, thus this is our name as well. These words are the most powerful and assist us to create the life we desire.  According to Astro-numerologist Tania Gabrielle today is a day to Manifest our hearts desires.  The Universe created by God is setting the tone and giving us an opportunity to co-create the lives we desire.   Change your way of thinking, change the verbiage you speak, change your vibration, change your life.  I have include a recording from Dr. Wayne Dyer, “I Am That, I Am”.

May you Manifest Your Hearts Desires, Diana


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