Jesus Goes With Me Wherever I Go

Happy Easter Divine Ones:

This day is about the most wonderful gift our unselfish Father gave to us. His Son our Lord and Savior, why Lord and Savior because when you know him, you know yourself. Knowing Jesus, gives us the opportunity to honor ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters and in doing such, we honor Him and OUR FATHER.

From: A Course In Miracles

“This Easter, look with different eyes upon your brother. You have the vision now to look past all illusions. It has been given you to see no thorns, no strangers and no obstacles to peace. For what God gave the Holy Spirit, you have received. The song of Easter is the glad refrain the Son of God was never crucified. Let us lift up our eyes together, not in Fear but Faith”.

Divine Blessings of Love & Light,



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