Miracles are Seen in Light, I Choose the Light

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters:

I would like to share; I was ill for a couple of weeks and I am back stronger than ever, of course always by the Grace of God. I’ve been doing my usual of taking time to listen to Kari Samuels, Tania Gabrielle, Nadiya Shah, Doreen Virtue and Esther Hicks. This past month went by really quickly and I am learning about crystals from my co-spiritualists at the Sacred Rock Stars where I teach ACIM. Now, I add the crystals to my daily ritual of Meditation and Prayer as well as wearing and carrying them with me.

The Planets are making major shifts such as 5 planets going retro and when this occurs I know that it’s for our benefit but in order to work through these shifts I choose to be more mindful of myself. I am aware of my desires and how everyday I am focusing on them, breathing easy, feeling the vibration and allowing that to come to a state of knowing and acceptance. In this state, I arrive to Gratitude which is of high vibration and brings much Peace and Love.

From A Course In Miracles: Miracles are seen in light. The body’s eyes do not perceive the light. But I am not a body. What am I?

This month brings Guidance With Grace, don’t miss out. Please share, comment, I would love to hear from you.

Divine Blessings of Peace & Love,





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