No One Can Fail Who Seeks to Reach the Truth

Good Morning Light Workers,

Yes, we are all Light Workers, that was our request to our Heavenly Father upon coming to earth. Because we do have Free Will which is a gift from our Creator, some of us change our minds once we are here. But, it is never too late to step into your original purpose.

There are many unsettling issues occurring to each and every one of us and from what I know God is stepping in through the planetary shifts happening in the sky. We’ve experienced a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, now on the 20th we have a Full Moon and the Summer Solstice. Not to mention that Saturn the no-nonsense planet is at the helm as well as many others. (Astrologer Nadiya Shah)People if you think this energy doesn’t affect your lives, tell me how your feeling. Numerology plays a big part in this as well and that’s why in the beginning of every month I listen to Kari Samuels and weekly I receive the numerology information from Tania Gabriel. I meditate, listen to meditations from Melanie Beckler and I wear my Crystals from Sacred Rock Stars, I do Reiki and spend most of my time with positive like-minded people. These are just a few of the tools available to us All. Oh, don’t let your ego tell you that this is bull or that you just don’t have the time. These tools will assist you to step into the life you initially intended for yourself.

I dare you to step out of the illusion and be the Divine Being you and our Creator agreed upon. Heaven on Earth is waiting and needs you to show up.

Extremely grateful to all the above mentioned and for Mary Kay Chapman, the Angel at Sacred Rock Stars.

Divine Blessings to All, Diana


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