The Holy Spirit

Good Afternoon,

I invite the Holy Spirit to join me every morning because I’ve learned that I am never alone nor do I want to be alone.   You see  everyday is a gift and an opportunity to fulfill our lives purpose.  By inviting Him in, I am empowering myself and letting the ego know that there’s no room for it.  When I’m stuck and can’t decide I always ask Him for assistance.  I do receive that assistance but I need to be patient because He works on Divine timing and it’s always Perfect.   Continue reading “The Holy Spirit”


Re-Booting The System

Good Morning,

Through my study and daily practice of A Course In Miracles I began the process of re-booting my system by disempowering the ego and replacing The Holy Spirit in it’s stead. This of course was a matter of deligent choice on my behalf which has become an every moment practice. When we come into the world we are gifted with The Holy Spirit and by the age of 6 or 7 the ego is created and replaces the spirit.  Continue reading “Re-Booting The System”