Re-Booting The System

Good Morning,

Through my study and daily practice of A Course In Miracles I began the process of re-booting my system by disempowering the ego and replacing The Holy Spirit in it’s stead. This of course was a matter of deligent choice on my behalf which has become an every moment practice. When we come into the world we are gifted with The Holy Spirit and by the age of 6 or 7 the ego is created and replaces the spirit. 

I was introduce to Spirit as a child by my grandmother and I’ve had many beautiful encounters with Spirit so this was not a hard choice. I’ve just chosen to accept this very empowering gift and live every moment in this energy. I’ve been put to the test and I’ve fallen off but I get back up stronger then before.

From The Course: The truth about your Self, the holy Son of God Who rests in you, whose mind has been restored to sanity. You are the spirit lovingly endowed with all your Father’s Love and peace and joy. You are the spirit which completes Himself, and shares His function as Creator. He is with you always, as you are with Him. Lesson 97 Page 172

Namaste, Diana


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