Buenos Dias Queridos,

I wish to share what I do know about the ego. It is man made and a gift from our beloved parents which was be gifted to them by their parents. No fault of their own for they didn’t know any better and I know I certainly passed this on to my children as well. How, through the instillment of fear, limitation, manipulation, judgement, criticism, etc.. The ego is very controlling, distructive and ever present, it will set you up every time and leave you holding the bag. It is the very first thing that shows up in any and all situations.

I was angry, frustrated, disappointed, stressed and my OCD was out of control, to say the least. I was so tired of living my life in this manner, I turned to where I knew I would find the answer because I had been here a few times before, God (this makes me smile). I read many self help books and I was determined no matter what to change the course of  the rest of my life. Through my 6 years of studying  and still studying “A Course In Miracles”, I am grateful and thrilled to share that I finally see the light.

My deepest desire is to share that light with you and so I invite you join, consider and share. Diana

Affirmation: God Loves Us All !!!

Google: Deepak Chopra, EGO

One thought on “EGO

  1. martha

    I would just like to add that ever since I began recognizing Ego and putting my power of Spirit/God to work in kicking some ego-butt, the great joy that I feel inside is a really beautiful thing! When you recognize that the love you hold inside is so right and so on point where it over-powers what your ego has always told you to do.. it’s such an empowering recognition! it makes me feel like this guy👉😌 unfortunately, ego is persistent so we gotta keep putting that love in production!
    Love and blessings to you all! 💜✌


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