Good Morning,

Everyday, every moment and how we experience that moment is our choice. Yes, we get to choose peace, joy, love, health, everything in our lives by the way we show up. Allow me to give you an example, traffic in the morning, is always a hazel but today you are willing to accept what is and sit back and go with the flow. You breath easy, play your music and you smile as you see your trip unfold. This attitude has already changed your morning because you have actually accepted the fact that you don’t control the people included in this experience but you do control the outcome by shifting your attitude. Therefore you retain your energy and further empower yourself.

Everyday, I make that choice by asking the Holy Spirit to guide and steer me. I know that I am a part of the physical world as well and there will be occurrences that are out of my control. By asking for help and knowing that the Holy Spirit will provide that for me I am able show up to handle these occurrences in a peaceful manner which is totally under my control. This takes practice, patience and willingness, but the rewards are amazing.

Love & Peace To You All, Diana



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