Healing Your Inner Goddess


Today, New Moon, New Energy, New Empowerment.  Claim It, for it is a gift from the Divine.

Many physical things are occurring in my personal life now and I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by. So I set my Intentions on receiving this gift and proceeded with a course of action.  I invited The Holy Spirit and All The Divine Ones to join me, I lit my cleansing incense then followed it with my empowering ones. During the burn I listened to a beautiful yet empowering meditation from Archangel Haniel channeled through Melanie Blecker.  Absolutely, what I needed to release and let go for I had quite a bit of baggage. This meditation is for men as well as for women and I do recommend it.

Panache Desai says “We Are Not Broken” and today it became clearer, some issues are stored deeply. So we need to have the willingness to have the intention, set a course of action, ask for divine assistance and allow ourselves the space to release and let go.


Sharing With Love, Diana




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