Welcome To Enhancing Lives 413

Welcome and Happy New Year

For the past six years as a spiritual student and teacher of “A Course In Miracles”, I have learned that there has always been a power which I  have been gifted with and that I was forfeiting that power by allowing my ego to take control. My willingness and dedication to becoming aware of this has given me permission to honor who I am and my purpose. Like reprograming my computer, I started incorporating Spirit for ego and taking back my power. In doing so I am able to live everyday in peaceful contentment, allowing life to play out to it’s fullest.

We have all been given this precious gift. This is a matter of choice and it does take some work but the end result is immeasurable and I would love to share this with you through this site and my services.

I’ll leave you with this for your review for now.


Many Blessings of Love & Light for your new year. Diana


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