Thank you Arch Angel Michael

IMG_1795Hello Divine Ones,

I would like to share my resent manifestation. The Purpose: To pick up belongings from storage in Utah since 2013.  On the New Moon of every month I set up my grid with my Hearts Desires and this certainly is one of them.   Continue reading “Thank you Arch Angel Michael”

God’s Will for Me is Perfect Happiness

Welcome Divine Being:

Today I will discuss the God concept I received as a child and with all due respect to All.

Raised Spiritually by my grandmother, absolute Divine Love. I felt save, protected and so Loved. Then, as I became old enough to go to church with an older cousin, I heard about Hell, the Devil, Sin, Punishment, Suffering, Pain and the nightmare began. I don’t need to tell you how traumatizing this was for a child that had been surrounding by nothing but Love. So, I am forced to go to catechism and there I witness the nuns threatening the children and actually hitting them. This was so unlike the God I knew and felt to be true. I loved the feel of the church when no one was there and I felt comfortable. Otherwise, I didn’t belong because it caused an unnatural fear in me.

Continue reading “God’s Will for Me is Perfect Happiness”

I Choose The Divine

Good Evening Children of God

I have been feeling in my gut that something awesome is coming our way.  I have been sharing that this is the time to choose the Divine.  A Course In Miracles says that the smallest invite to the Holy Spirit is all you need to do and it response.  In this video from Marianne Williamson she confirms and ask that we join together in Love for All our sakes and the sake of the world. Continue reading “I Choose The Divine”

Thank You God for Letting Me Know that I Am Enough

Good Morning You Awesome Beings

Most of us have childhood traumas, such as abandonment, abuse and these traumas stay with us until we willingly step back into that space and work it out.  This is quite painful and requires time, patience and the desire to work through it.  Forgiveness of self and the people involved is pertinent to moving through and progressing forward. Continue reading “Thank You God for Letting Me Know that I Am Enough”

Thank You Father for Giving Me Free Will

Happy Holidays,

Transition is happening to me, to my family and I am pretty sure it is happening to you.  Actually, the world is in a transitional mood.  Why, because God wills it to be so and he is getting our attention.  This intentional shift is to transform us from being the pompous asses which we tend to be, to the loving, compassionate and Divine Beings He intended us to be.   Continue reading “Thank You Father for Giving Me Free Will”

Prayer: Dear God, I am Willing to See This Differently

Hello Sunshine,

I received this from Marianne Williamson and as always it’s loaded with insightful information.  I do make it a practice to listen to inspiring people like her because they assist me in staying my course and in turn I assist others to do likewise.  In this recording she talks about relationships and the ego. In A Course in Miracles it states that each relationship is intended and holds an opportunity for our spiritual growth.

Sharing With Love & Blessings,  Diana