Thank you Arch Angel Michael

IMG_1795Hello Divine Ones,

I would like to share my resent manifestation. The Purpose: To pick up belongings from storage in Utah since 2013.  On the New Moon of every month I set up my grid with my Hearts Desires and this certainly is one of them.  It started out with another friend offering to assist me in picking up and driving the truck back. When I asked if he could, he said yes but it would have to be that same week because he was waiting on a job. (Thank you John and Jules for offering) So, I felt myself getting concerned and I picked up my labradorite crystal and asked Arch Angel Michael to manifest it for me however he desired. I released it and left to go to my favorite place, Sacred Rock Stars.

There, my new family was chatting. I don’t remember how the conversation came up but I began talking about the storages. John, yes another John said something to the effect about enjoying long distance driving. I acknowledge him but didn’t get what he was saying until his partner said, “he’s offering to drive the truck”. “I said what” and John said “you’ll need to go with me to keep me awake”. I could not belief this was happening and how quickly it manifested. I am so grateful for John and his partner, My New Family and of course, the Arch Angel Michael.

I am leaving today with John for Utah. When you belief in the Divine and ask for assistance belief me, you get it.

Sending Divine Blessings for Your Hearts Desires,




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