I Am one Self, United with my Creator

Good Morning You Lovely Creatures:

If you want something different, do something other than your usual. The Universe is telling us that it will support us but we need to change our ways. We all know that everything comes to an end and ENOUGH with the control, manipulation, playing small and all that crap. What are you afraid of, that you will succeed beyond your means? That you will Love yourself and others in a way you’ve never loved before? That You are the True Son of God and that you can create in His likeness?

Here I share Kari Samuels September Forecast, Enjoy and Transform.

Divine Blessings Always,  Diana


2 thoughts on “I Am one Self, United with my Creator

  1. Lexi

    Diana has been a blessing sent on to me. She is not only my Reiki Master, she is one of my guides. From the light she signs from within she brings much insight to those in need.

    I had recently started noticing the word empowerment everywhere. And it wasn’t until I actually got a chance to speak with her at the register (finally) that I knew but today I know know!! LoL that day I decided to sign up for Reiki I class with her and I am so happy and honored. Because of her I am attuned. Diana honestly is a mother guide, she gives you a smile when you need. A hug when you are down but the best thing is she also gives you that little paopao reminder when you need it most. I know you don’t believe you should take the gratitude for your intuitive work so I thank the Angels and Ascended Masters above for choosing you and directing me. You are truly an Angel Reiki Master Diana.

    Thank you.


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