Thank You Father for Giving Me Free Will

Happy Holidays,

Transition is happening to me, to my family and I am pretty sure it is happening to you.  Actually, the world is in a transitional mood.  Why, because God wills it to be so and he is getting our attention.  This intentional shift is to transform us from being the pompous asses which we tend to be, to the loving, compassionate and Divine Beings He intended us to be.  I don’t know about you but my soul is emerging and my instincts are telling me that this transition is transforming me to transcend into that Divine Being.  Honestly, it’s Working and the feelings I get about all of this is absolutely Divine.  I Choose the Divine.

I share with you the information I receive from Astrologer Nadiya Shah and Lena Stevens from Power Path because their guidance is viable.  Ask yourself, am I happy, joyous, content with the way I am living my life, do I feel something is missing, what do I need?  If you answered anything within the negative I suggest you get a move on because the choice is on you and the time is NOW.  The Universe is on point and assisting ALL of us but you need to Choose.

Sharing with Love & Light, Diana


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