Abundance Is My Birthright

Happy Friday, You Lovely Beings Of Light!

What do you consider to be abundant? For Me, my family, my well-being and theirs, my animals, our home.  Oh so much to be grateful for!!  God, The Universe, what ever you want to call that Divine Source, only knows abundance. So lets talk about what most people think about, Money. First, get rid of the old paradigms passed on to you about it, such as money doesn’t grow on trees, you know how that goes. The Divine does recognize money as a tool for sustenance and when we don’t fully understand the purpose or honor it, just like all the other things we are blessed with, our lives go astray.

I’ve had money and then I’ve had less, C’est La Vie!  So, NOW I focus on Only Today, the precious Now. In other words, do I have everything I need for today and then Gratitude. I don’t focus on tomorrow because I’m not there yet and knowing that the Divine only functions in THE NOW, I choose to remain there as well. In that space of Now I show up as the richest person on the planet because I know that is how God created me. From that space and focus a delicious energy is created into a vibration of abundance. I can’t even describe how this makes me feel, OMG!!!!!!

Did you know that there is an Escrow account held in the Universe with all your desires with your name on it. A Course In Miracles states this and Abraham Hicks confirms. You ARE created in His image, to co-create, so what are you waiting for? Be mindful of where you place your head. Choose wisely and focus on only what you desire.

Let me know how this works for you? I am on a passionate mission!!

Namaste, Diana


Replenish Yourself

IMG_0398IMG_0408Hello Everyone,

I just got back from visiting family in Jacksonville and it fills, my mind, body & soul. The Loving is exceptional, the rest and relaxation is rejuvenating and the food is outstanding.

I hung out with my Sis and spent time with my nephew and his lovely new family which includes his precious 5 month old baby girl Cassandra, priceless. My Sis and I treated ourself to some great food and I even got to sleep in, fabulous.

My Sis and I had many wonderful conversations regarding our Spiritual transformation, we have come such a long way. I am so very grateful for this wonderful fulfilling opportunity.

Sharing With Love, Diana

Being In Faith

Hello! Hello!

I’ve had an amazing month so far, So Grateful. I continue to willingly show up in service for the greater good and the UNIVERSE, GOD, THE DIVINE, keeps showing up for me. That in its self is incredible and it is ALL ABOUT FAITH!!!

I was gifted a program from a loving cousin, from astrologer Kari Samuels; in which she guides us to connect to The Arch Angels and it has been very grounding and vibrationally powerful. The month is not over yet so again I share the power of the Universe lovingly with you.

Blessings, Diana

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

We are being graced with a new moon in Aries! What to do with this your asking? Simple, have the intention to invoke the power of the sign which is Fire and the power of the new moon which is the gateway to new beginnings. Ask, for your hearts desire and while you are in that frame of mind, write it down, burn incense and dedicate it to our Moon Mother. Place flowers in your home in gratitude for all your blessings. This is God’s way or the Universe’s way of sharing their power with us and an opportunity for us to be empowered.

Have the intention to change your attitude, to change your focus and change your life. The opportunities are endless, wait for it!!!

Check out the post on Facebook regarding this energy. Many Blessings To All, Diana

Welcome To Enhancing Lives 413

Welcome and Happy New Year

For the past six years as a spiritual student and teacher of “A Course In Miracles”, I have learned that there has always been a power which I  have been gifted with and that I was forfeiting that power by allowing my ego to take control. My willingness and dedication to becoming aware of this has given me permission to honor who I am and my purpose. Like reprograming my computer, I started incorporating Spirit for ego and taking back my power. In doing so I am able to live everyday in peaceful contentment, allowing life to play out to it’s fullest.

We have all been given this precious gift. This is a matter of choice and it does take some work but the end result is immeasurable and I would love to share this with you through this site and my services.

I’ll leave you with this for your review for now.


Many Blessings of Love & Light for your new year. Diana