Good Morning Sunshine,

Meditation in the morning helps me to make the conscious choice of Spirit.  I read from “The Course In Miracles” which primes me to be aware.  In this awesome space I invite the Holy Spirit and my Divine Angels to join and assist me with my true desires.  I willingly release the physical burdens and graciously accept the peace which is always available to me.  Here I experience the God energy which is a miracle in itself.

Marianne Williamson Says:  Morning meditation is recommended because your mind is open to new impressions and will assist you with impulse control.  Meditation allows the subconscious to be at the forefront and it knows it All.  We meditate so we can be still inside and relax in the space where the Universe can do for us what we can not do for ourselves. It grounds us in harmony. Thank you, Marianne.

I recommend at least five minutes, find a quiet spot inside your home or outside. Deepak Chopra has great recorded meditations and Pandora has (Heart Meditations) among it’s listings.

The Peace Of God Is Always With You, Diana


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