Full Moon

Good Day Everyone,

Yesterday my day began in the usual peaceful way and then by mid-afternoon a personal issue which is on the platform to be resolved kept coming to the forefront of my mind.  It became obsessively annoying and I kept trying to push it out of my head.  After hours of this nonsense, I realized that my ego was trying to put me in a compromising situation and at that point I asked the Holy Spirit to assist me with it, and to give me the opportunity to show up in a loving manner.  Later on I received a text from a friend which said “Full Moon”, it dawned on me that the energy of the full moon is very powerful and what I  was thinking was being magnified.  This morning, I am back to my peaceful self and decided to follow-up on the daily astrological prediction and the full moon, which confirmed what I suspected.

Love & Light, Diana



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