Whats Love Got to Do With It?


Love Is What We Are Born With, Fear Is What We Learn – Marianne Williamson

I am sure that most of the world has shifted back to what they consider normal from Valentine’s Day. I don’t want normal, actually normal is boring, lifeless.  Consider that day, how you felt to be Loved and to Love. You knew the worlds focus would be on Love as well.  So many Open Hearts, Beautiful and peaceful. You know, you can actually live everyday in Loves vibration by willingly choosing to Love. God is Love!!If you’re not feeling it, these are some of the reasons why: Your not honoring or nurturing yourself,  you’re not honoring others, your criticizing or judging,  your controlling or manipulating,  you’re not acknowledging Spirit. There is more but you get it. Here is a Love Meditation from Melanie Beckler;


Sharing With Love, Diana 


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