We Are All Accountable

The Sun Is Shining, The Wind Blowing,

Ah yes, I am guilty of blaming every body else but myself for most of the issues that transpired in my life. Wrong, I was asleep at the wheel. Learning to be still is very empowering because it enables me to listen and trust my gut. Now, my primary focus is on my thoughts which enables me to be aware of the ego when it tries to sneak in. I honor myself to the fullest through my actions and how I choose to show up for others. I’ve learned to honor others by respecting their space, their opinions and actions.  I have learned that no one is accountable for me and that I am not accountable for anyone else. Cause and Effect or Karma applies to All of Us. My job is not to fix anyone because that would make me judge and jury, No Thanks. My desire is to assist others to consider a peaceful, loving alternative, Spirit.

Blessings of Peace & Love,




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