Claiming The Energies Of Our Planets


I have had a few interesting days myself and I’m sure you all have felt the energy, whether you choose to recognize it as such or not. I survived, thank God for Faith. For the longest time I’ve known that something awesome was coming my way and actually it’s for all of us but if you’re not paying attention and you’re not claiming the Universal assistance, It Will Pass You By. I choose to follow this energy every day through astrology and it really helps me to place my focus and understand when things go astray. I have learned to invoke the positive energies of our current planets, since we are energy and empower myself, which in turn helps to continue to be of service to others.

Nadiya Shah, I find to be a thorough and truly fabulous astrologer. This month, God, the Universe, whatever you choose to call it is showing up for US ALL, HALLELUJAH!!!!  We can ALL use this energy and I invite you if you’re not already doing so, to consider. I know that, We Are All In Need Of Some Help, HERE IT IS,  EMBRACE IT and please share your experience with us all.

Blessings of Love & Light,



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