Every Problem DOES Have A Solution

Good Day,

SOLUTION YES !! Lets take a moment and honor ourselves and those feelings whatever they may be. But just for a moment because we don’t want to dwell. When we dwell that gives that damn ego space to step in and then it becomes harder to release and let go. If, YOU allow it hang out, it will take You to a dismal place where most likely YOU won’t honor yourself or anyone else. There is no solution there. We think we have to control everything, therefore we think we need to solve every situation by ourselves. WRONG on both counts! 

Liberate yourself : Breath deeply, ask for assistance from the Holy Spirit, He’s waiting for You to invite Him in and HE Will Lovingly Show Up For You, that’s His job!!! Say nothing, keep still, be patient, meditate, take a walk, listen to inspiring music, hug a tree, pet your animals, be thankful for what You do have and Be Willing To Let Go. Go to Your Happy Place.

From: A Course In Miracles; “Each time you keep a problem for yourself to solve, or judge that it is one that has no resolution, you have made it great, and past the hope of healing. You deny the miracle of justice can be fair”.

Sharing With Love,



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