Remembering & Embracing The Love

We desire and expect to be loved in a physical sense and as wonderful as that is, we often short change ourselves. We then look for love in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons, the results will be dismal. Most often love is before us but we can’t or won’t acknowledge it because of our perceptions of what we think it should be. Perceptions are illusions and illusions are not real. If we are not in our heart base, the ego is definitely present and taking the reins, again we are short changed.  At this point , we are disappointed, frustrated and the negative floods in. Divine Love is the only real Love. Divine Love is definitely real and so powerful! We forget or we don’t acknowledge this Love and if we don’t make an attempt to remember or Embrace this Love we are not authentically loving others or our ourselves. I recommend and humbly share that this is pivotal for our Divine wellbeing.

Sharing With Love,



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