When Life Gives You Lemons


Welcome and Thank You For Visiting!

It certainly has been interesting and very revealing. All of the astrologers that I followed pointed out the obvious for me, and explained how the planets configuration were going to affect my life. They explained that all of us would be affected and tested in some form, they also explained that this too would pass. Well, they weren’t kidding! For me the car went on the fritz, my ego should up and was telling me that it was ok for me to throw in the towel. I had a hell of a time getting the bitch to get the hell away from me, then my dog got injured and that was the turning point for me. You see, when you hang out with the Master, you can Always Expect to be Rescued. Perhaps that in the way you think, because you are of God but You’re not God. I proceeded to show up for my self, my dog, my life, my loved ones, and with more power then before. Then an opportunity for my benefit showed up in such an obvious manner, that I wasn’t the only one who recognized it, making it even more amazing. The message was so clear, don’t give up NOW, you belong and serve the Highest and He certainly doesn’t abandon His Children. So Grateful for the lemons and the lemon aide.

Sharing With Love, Diana


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