What Happens When You Pray

The Cavalry Steps In

The Holy Spirit says I Am Here For You! In A Course In Miracles, it is explained that the Holy Spirit is the liaison between us and Jesus Christ. Our prayers are received and Christ, who is One with the Father, shows up on our behave. Through Christ All Things Are Possible. The Angels and Ascended Masters are present as well.

I pray for God’s Will to be revealed and for courage to carry it through. I can create my own reality through my thoughts and actions, which are minuscule in comparison to what God has already created for me. Therefore, knowing His perfection, I willingly ask for His Will to be done through me. I ask the angels to help me in showing up in the manner which best serves us All. The Angels and Ascended Masters grace me with numbers in my dreams which are messages of their presence and support. I also receive Love messages from loved ones who have crossed over. This provides me with tremendous peace, allows me to let go and most of all Belief.

In Love & Light,



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