Grateful for Amazing Grace

Happy Sunday Everyone,

The other day I watched a documentary on Pope Francis and I was very moved by his Spirit and his actions.  As a child I was raced Catholic and taught Spirituality by my grandmother.  Spirituality has always resonated with me and some of what I was being taught in church did not.   This did not compromise my relationship with God.  Our Pope Francis is different than his predecessors, he believes in the people and his actions display that.  He chooses to live out of the Vatican in a humble community and selects and pays for his own breakfast.  When asked his thoughts in regard to gay marriages he said, “who am I to judge”.  He washed and kissed a slave’s feet.  I don’t know anyone including myself who has kissed a strangers feet, do you?  This beautiful soul comes with a gift and a Divine Purpose, I believe that he could accomplish much but he needs our prayers and our light.  I thank God for Pope Francis because now we have a true warrior for God that we can all follow.

Much Blessings & Love,  Diana


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