I Am So Loved

Hello Divine Ones and Welcome,

I experienced one of the most amazing and Divine experiences ever.  The birthing of my first grandson.  I didn’t witness my own because I had C-Sections with both my boys.  When I was asked to partake, I thought that I was going to be on the sidelines but that was not the case.  I witnessed and assisted in the delivery, I was in the forefront and I was able to call and bring in Divine energy through out the delivery process.  The energy was high and the love was definitely vibrating on a super high level.  The waiting room was packed with love ones, family and friends sharing their energies with each other.

Baby Boy Jameson arrived perfect and is so loved.  All I think about is this beautiful angelic baby.

I am so grateful to my loving children and to God for such an honor.

Blessing to All,  Diana



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