Thank You Sweet Universe for Being in Control

The Divine in Me Honors The Divine in You,

There is A Full Moon Eclipse in Aries and I am ready because it is about me, I am an Aries.  This Universal Energy is bringing about huge personal change for all of us.  As for myself I have been waiting for this Divine moment.  I have learned so much this year and the pivotal moments that have occurred have definitely proven that in Astrologer Nadiya Shah’s words “the universe is wise and loving”.  This of course as you know, requires your undivided attention as to where your head is hanging out.  It is about you and it is about me with a little S (A Course in Miracles, unselfish).

My desire is to share this information with you so that you may be prepared for and welcome this Divine Energy  which knows our True Hearts Desires.  My gratitude to Nadiya Shah for she is definitely a welcomed guidance for my journey.

God Bless You All,  Diana


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