I Love Hanging with The Divine

Hello Divine Ones,

I have truly missed you all. Since I am moving and that is not a smooth transformation as I am sure you would all know. Then, there’s the other variables that we don’t think of or expect that throw a monkey wrench into the equation and the monkey mind thinks this is an open invitation for it to park itself at my frontal lobe. Oh Hell No!  So, to keep it OUT, I have doubled up on empowerment by making time and doing what works for me.

  • I meditate in the morning and at night
  • I give thanks for the day and the 200 opportunities included in every day
  • I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me threw out the day and my Divine Angels to keep me focused
  • I look out to the sky, within the trees, at nature and I acknowledge the Divine in All and in me
  • While I am packing, cleaning, I listen to Abraham Hicks or anything that I may find pleasing and soothing
  • Making time for and doing this through out my day brings me peace and ease so that I can continue to show up for myself, family and dear ones

Sharing with Love & Blessings,  Diana


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