No Matter What, my Focus Remains on the Divine

Blessings To All,

This morning while meditating I noticed a butterfly, as we all know that their life spam is not long at all. It occurred to me that this beautiful creation wasn’t concerned with that at all. It was focused on enjoying the sweet nectar of the flowers and sustaining itself for the moment. I received this profound message as remain in the moment no matter what and embrace this day just like the butterfly.

I enjoy listening to Astrologer Nadiya Shah because I have learned that there are two parallel worlds, the physical and the Spiritual. I have also learned that true power reveals itself in the Spiritual and therefore by making the time to listen, I can invoke the planetary energy which is created for our benefit. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this Divine Gift, because what’s happening in my physical world is trying to show me otherwise. I stand strong in Spirit and know that the Divine Loves me and that it is trying to show me how much every moment of the day. This gift is for you as well so if you want yours, show up for it. I will you keep you posted as to how this plays out and please share yours.

My Gratitude to the Divine and Nadiya Shah, Diana



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