When I am With the Divine, I am Always Amazed

Happy Monday Everyone,

I would like to share how the Divine showed up for my son last week. He has been desiring a couple of particular jobs and there always seemed to be an obstacle in the way. Well, the Divine trumped that and surprised him with an opportunity an interview, an immediate job, and more money then he had expected.  Of course I was on the side lines praying, letting go and in expecting mood.

I am so grateful to the Divine and I feel that this is just the beginning. Astrologer Nadiya Shah shares insight on how the planets are already aligned for us by the Universe and it’s expected to be an amazing week. I for one, am in expecting energy because the Divine keeps showing up for me and my family and this energy is Awesome.

My Gratitude to the Almighty and Nadiya Shah.

Blessing to you All, Diana



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