Love is Trust in Faith

Happy Sunday, Happy Family Day

The illusion is of separation but I know and Astrologer Nadiya Shah knows that not to be the truth.  Even if you’re not sure what you believe or where you stand, go to where you could see and feel the love.  Love is always present but we need to choose it.

Everything in my resent move has the illusion of separation but because I trust my faith in the Divine and that its intention is of perfect and pure love, I remain calm and I choose love and peace.  I do have short spells of sadness but I return to Love by remembering that the Divine has it’s focus on me.

This week Nadiya shares her insightfulness on how the Universe has set its intention on moving us forward into Love and Unity.  You, have the opportunity to include your energy in this transformation by Creating an Intention of Love for Love.

Blessings of Love to All, Diana


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