I Am Grateful for the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Angels

Good Morning Divine Ones,

I’ve had an amazing January and start of the New Year.  It was a very busy month but I stayed strong in Spirit and very diligent of my practice.  I learned from Abraham, channeled by Ester Hicks, that we are responsible for everything that manifest in our lives.  This, honestly made me uncomfortable but I settled in, when I remembered that my EGO was dictating my thoughts and actions.  She also said, that it’s ok for us to know what we don’t want or like but not to linger. This actually assist us in acknowledging what we do Desire.  I’ve heard this before of course but this time it finally resonated.  A Course In Miracles says, Everything you see is the result of your thoughts.  There is no exception to this fact.  Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak.  They are merely true or false.  Those that are true create their own likeness.  Those that are false make theirs.  Therefore, my mental practice is focused on my Desires.  The message from Theos, channeled by Eve Gregory says,”Guides from the higher realms will not predict your future for you. Your future is changing based upon your focus, thoughts, desires and decisions you make from moment to moment. You are the creator of your future. When a future is predicted, it is only one of an infinite number of possibilities”.

I received two very powerful messages from the Divine via numbers in my sleep which confirm my Desire, and my Path.  These messages moved me vibrationally through my emotions and my physical body, which is how I know that it is real.

I follow astrology, numerology and Doreen Virtue’s Angel Readings, I meditate and I pray always in gratitude and while I am in that vibration I Bless Everyone.  I lovingly share this meditation from Angel Channeler, Melanie Beckler.


Blessings of Love & Light, Diana



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