I Am a Vibrational Being

Happy New Moon in Aquarius:

All the astrologers and numerologists are talking about how fabulous this New Moon is and how we are to receive infinite opportunities starting tomorrow.  To prepare and to keep myself in balance I have been doing my usual but I have been listening to Esther Hicks channel Abraham more frequently.  I love the messages and my vibration is awesome, so awesome that I find myself talking to myself about all the Divine gifts that I Am expecting.   They are saying that we need to Surrender what doesn’t serve us and Let Go in order to receive the New.   I treated myself to a set of angel cards from Doreen Virtue which I am learning and bought the Gary Sukav’s, The Seat of the Soul book which so far is quite revealing.  I Am so Excited and Grateful that the Universe is showing up to assist us.

Today we had such a magnificent afternoon sky and I even took a nap in the Sun.


Happy Chinese New Year Everyone, Blessings Always, Diana


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