Love Is All There Is

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone:

This day is about Love, so allow me to share what I’ve come to know about Love.  First I didn’t know anything, why because the Love I was displaying was attached to my EGO therefore superficial.  As a child I witnessed how men were supposedly superior and women were to always be subservient to them.  Old school but I carried that shit for a very long time.  I wasn’t taught heck never mind taught, it was never even discussed how one needed to Love and honor oneself first.  Everyone always came first!  I didn’t truly Love myself the way one should and this is very important for our Souls.  There was always a deep yearning and now I understand and I am honoring myself first and from this awesome space I can Lovingly give to others.

Love is unconditional, forgiving, respectful, compassionate, free, without expectations and limitations.

This is my Divine Love, perfect in every way.  So grateful for him.  Many Blessings of Divine Love to you all, Diana



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