I Can Co-Create My Reality

Hello Co-creators:

I am so excited to share that I manifested one of my hearts desires.  How it came about was definitely on Divine timing, which I have come to accept and know to be perfect.  I was visiting one of Gods Angels at her meta physical shop and I was asking about a physic which she had mentioned to me on a previous visit.  She explained that he wasn’t available and the next thing out of my mouth was something about teaching A Course In Miracles.  As far as my conscious mind I didn’t have the intention of asking any such question.  I heard her say, “Yes, of course you can teach A Course in Miracles here”.  I said, “WHAT” I was blown away because I didn’t even hear myself ask the question.   This is an example of how the Universe, Divine what ever you wish to call it works.  All I know is that I wrote it on my journal under Hearts Desires and the Universe heard me and put it all in motion for me.  I am so Grateful for such an opportunity to the Divine and to Mary Kay Chapman of Sacred Rock Stars.

Blessings of Love & Light, Diana

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